Hotel Complex "Orbita"
39 Pushkin Avenue, Minsk, Belarus

+375 17 206 77 81
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“Orbita” Hotel is a modern hotel with comfortable rooms and a wide range of services.

“Orbita” Hotel started its work in 1991. The necessity to receive the increasing flow of tourist groups determined its construction.

With the course of time a lot has changed: the quantity of tourists arriving in Belarus has decreased, the purposes of their visit have changed, but “Orbita” Hotel managed to maintain all the best saved up throughout the years of work and to retain its clients.

Annually thousands of guests from more than 80 countries of the world visit our hotel.

“Orbita” Hotel has a unique style combined with both elegant simplicity and the fashionable present. The interior of the rooms combine cheerfulness, comfort and freshness of design, forming positive mood creating appropriate conditions for rest and work.

A large number of guests choose “Orbita” Hotel because we provide with calm sleep, continental breakfast as well as clean and cosy rooms.

Our visitors’ well-being is the point of honour of the qualified and obliging personnel. Therefore kindness, outgoingness and responsibility are essential components of our work.

We hope “Orbita” Hotel will surely become a favorite and hospitable place of rest for everyone.